Abu Baker: the Israeli competition in the elections of the Knesset to avenge from Palestinian detainees reached the level of degradation

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The head of the Commission of Detainees' Affairs, Abu Baker, condemned the Israeli degradation in taking revenge of Palestinian detainees and harming them to satisfy the desires of racists in military and political organizations of the occupation.
The Major General Abu Baker clarified that the competition between Israeli parties depends on incitement against detainees. In addition, it depends on using the policy of collective punishment against detainees and their families.
Abu Baker warned of keeping this approach in dealing with detainees, and stated that this may lead to an unprecedented clash with the Captive Movement inside Israeli prisons
Abu Baker called on the international community and its organizations to take serious and practical steps to put an end to this attack against detainees, and force Israel to abide by the international charters and agreements and the principles of international law. 
Abu Baker's statements came during the visit of released detainees from Bethlehem, including Yaser Dar'way who spent 13 years in jails, Jamal Hamamreh and Usama Taqatqa.