6 detainees continue their hunger strike against the arbitrary policy of administrative detention

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The Commission of Detainees' Affairs stated in a report issued today that 6 detainees still on hunger strike protesting against the administrative detention, five of them are held in the so-called Al-Ramlah Hospital in the isolation section.
Detainees on hunger strike are: Ahmad Ghannam who conducted a strike for 64 days, Sultan Khlouf since 60 days, Ismail Ali since 54 days, Tareq Qa'dan since 47 days, Nasser Jada' since 40 days, Thaer Hamdan since 35 days.
The commission confirmed that they are suffering from serious health conditions after one month of the strike. They all have pain all over their bodies, weight loss, weak vision and they are unable to walk for long distance.
The commission pointed out that the administration of prisons still implementing punitive measures against them, represented in frequent transfer between prisons, holding them in solitary confinement which lacks the minimum elements of life, in addition to inspecting their cells.