The Commission of Detainees' Affairs narrates tormenting testimonies of minor detainees humiliated during detention

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The Commission of Detainees' Affairs conveyed in a report the testimonies of 6 minor detainees distributed to different Israeli jails, in which they narrate the details of torture and intense beating during detention and interrogation.
A case in point is the minor detainee Aws Ewais, 16, who has been tortured after breaking in to his house at Jenin camp. Occupation forces deliberately broke into his house and terrified him with a dog. He was handcuffed, blindfolded and exposed to intense beating all the way. He has been held in hot weather after arriving at Jalamah chickpoint and then he was moved to minors' section at Megiddo prison.
Another case in point is the 17 year-old detainee Hamam Hussaini from Jerusalem. He is currently held in Damoun prison, where he was exposed to harsh interrogation in Maskoubia and Ashkelon detention centers. He was interrogated for long hours on a small chair and fainted due to torture and deprivation of sleep and food.
The 14 year old detainee Ma'roof Atrash was tortured by occupation soldiers after breaking into his house in Bethlehem. He got beaten, cursed and humiliated by soldiers during interrogating him in Itzion detention center and then he got moved to Ofer prison.
Moreover, the occupation soldiers attacked the 16-year-old detainee Mohammad Ateya from Essawyeh village in Jerusalem, in addition to the minors Ayman D'eais from Hebron and Ayman Badran from Qalandia camp.